Baby Crochet Shoes With Hat Black and White J-Air


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These are handmade crochet shoes and hat inspired by Jordan Nike are perfect for babies. These adorable baby shoes are the perfect for your baby's outfit. I use the highest quality, softest, yarn to ensure the utmost comfort for your baby.

We use a slow and sustainable approach to production. The high quality comes from the attention to detail given to each product.

Our yarn is very flexible and comfortable, and is soft enough to bend the baby’s foot giving them a barefoot feel.

Does not feel prickly or itchy on the skin.

  • Handmade item
  • Color: Black and white
  • Materials: acrylic yarn

Shoes Size Chart  (Foot Length)

  • Newborn/Preemie – 3" or 7.6cm
  • 0-3 months- 3.5" or 9cm
  • 3-6 months- 4" or 10cm
  • 6-9 months- 4.5" or 11.4cm

    Head Accessories Chart (Head Circumference)

    • Preemie – 12" or 30.5cm
    • Newborn/0-3 months- 13.5-16" or 40.6cm
    • 3-6 months- 17" or 43.2cm
    • 6-9 months 18" or 20.3cm

    How to clean: Wash by hand in cold water with mild baby shampoo and air dry.